Ginger Murrell

I began writing music when I was 16.  My mother played guitar and sang with me and my sisters when we were too small to reach the microphone.  She used to play and sing worship to the King of Kings as we would lay in bed at night to go to sleep.  It was a legacy she was passing down to her children and now my children and hopefully their children's children.  I left the calling of God when I was 18.  I married young and got involved in a very toxic relationship that only caused me to experience a lot of emotional pain, depression and anxiety attacks so terrible that many times I couldn't leave the house.  My mom, convinced me to go to a retreat for serious abuse and recovery.  It changed my entire life.  I began attending a wonderful church who loved to see the broken restored.  They loved me right where I was.  I began playing piano and eventually leading worship for that church for almost 20 years.  God has done so much restoration in my life, it is too much to ever put on one page. In Sept of 2016, I stepped out of my ministry to pursue song writing.  While I went through recovery for so many years, the Lord gave me songs of encouragement and healing.  We read in the word how David encouraged himself in the Lord.  That's what these songs did for me.  In 2001, I went on a missions trip and the Lord told me He would use those songs to heal more broken and encourage the downcast.  It only took 16 years for that to come to fulfillment.  God is an on time God and He is faithful to His word.  The Father gave me my identity over the past 20 years and I put it on a scarf as a reminder, which is what you see on the album cover.  It says this:

"I am a daughter of the King of Kings.  My Father in heaven created me and loves me and I am beautiful because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are His works.  I am fearless because His perfect love casts out all fear.  I am strong because He is the strength of my life and my portion forever.  My Father enables me to walk on the heights. There isn't anything I can't do.  My confidence is in the one who created me.  How deep is the Fathers love for me.  It cannot be measured and nothing can separate me from His love."

 I pray as you listen to my music that you would feel hope and peace and encouragement.  I pray you would see that your identity is in the maker of the heaven and the earth and not in anything man could ever say or do to you.  I pray you would become fearless to stand before the enemy because of whose you are.

God Bless,


 **Photo Credit for all of my promo photos goes to Veronica Strong from A Thousand Word Portraits
**My custom scarf was made by the Literati Club


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